Rothschild Miscellany folios 120 and 121 contain the Sheva Berachot
(Seven Blessings) recited for the Bride and Groom
Rothschild Miscellany folio 246.

Wedding Anniversary

The parashah of the wedding date - see here
Any of the arcaded and carpet pages at the
beginning and end of the Kennicott Bible
Rothschild Miscellany folio 246, below.

The leaf size is approximately 16 x 21cm (6.25 x 8.25"). The low resolution images do not accurately represent the beauty of the finished leaves.

£ 55.00 Rothschild Miscellany folio 120 folio 120
The Wedding Ceremony and the Seven benedictions for a wedding.

£ 55.00 Rothschild Miscellany folio 121 folio 121
Conclusion of Sheva Berakhot, the seven benedictions for a wedding. Birds fly around the words, 'Kol sasson' Voice of joy…'

£ 55.00 Rothschild Miscellany folio 246 folio 246
Beginning of the hymns sung at marriages showing a wedding scene.