from the Kennicott Bible for Amos, David, Ezekiel, Haggai, Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joel, Malachi and Samuel.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 301 folio 301
The beginning of the Book of Amos is decorated with a colourful border.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 185 folio 185
King David as an old man at the beginning of the Book of Kings, is seated on a stylised gold and coloured throne decorated with geometrical interlaces and penwork foliage motifs. He has a long greying beard, wears a large crown, and holds a large gold club for a sceptre. The miniature bears, however, some resemblance to pictures of the king in playing cards from a popular Spanish pack of cards. David's large club should be compared with a sheet of various Catalan cards which was found in the binding of a book printed in Barcelona in 1495 and may have been available to Joseph, the artist when he designed King David. By providing it with a Biblical context, Joseph produced a re¬presentation of David that is apparently unique.

£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 353 folio 353
The beginning of the Book of Psalms. Psalms 1-9 are numbered and decorated with imaginative designs and vibrant colours.


£ 50.00 Kennicott Bible folio 310 folio 310
The beginning of Haggai is decorated with a colourful panel. This leaf has been over trimmed and is offered at a reduced price.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 243 folio 243
The end of the Book of Isaiah is beautifully illustrated with delicate but imaginatively executed colourful penwork.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 272 folio 272
The end of Jeremiah and the beginning of the Book of Ezekiel is imaginatively decorated with an extraordinary panel of exquisite penwork bordered by two snake like creatures.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 300 folio 300
The beginning of the Book of Joel is decorated with swirling colourful garlands and delicate penwork surrounding a panel of the text.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 316 folio 316
The beginning of Malachi is decorated with an imaginative panel drawn in colourful penwork with floral motifs.


£ 55.00 Kennicott Bible folio 151 folio 151
The opening page of the Book of Samuel is decorated with a highly imaginative border consisting of two snake-like figures with red tongues and green spotted bodies.