Catalan Mahzor
for Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur

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MS Heb 6527, treasure of the National Library of Israel

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Click the image above to view the micrography in detail. A detailed analysis of
the manuscript's micrographic text at left above is shown in the
commentary volume below.


A Mahzor for
Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur according to the Catalonian Rite.

Written and decorated in Catalonia, Spain this unique mahzor was completed in approximately 1280. It comprises 154
folios (308 pages) size 195x155 mm and is written in clear Sefardi semi-cursive script.

The Catalan Mahzor is profusely ornamented with 59 pages of intricate, ingenious micrographic panels depicting exquisite hunting scenes all in micrography. Traditional decorative elements in manuscripts written in Spain, such as the Temple implements and
menorah, are similarly executed in micrography in full page panels. Two headings and a full page coloured illustration are written in gold against a background of purple and blue. The finials of the letter 'lamed' are in the form of foliage and birds. This manuscript is unique as micrographic decorations are generally not found in prayer books.

The text includes liturgical hymns by Spanish Jewish poets. Most of the
piyyutim conform to the rites of prayer that have been preserved by Jewish communities which originated in the city of Barcelona or the region of Catalonia; some of them conform to the rite prevalent in the Kingdom of Aragon before the unification of Spain, which at that time ruled Barcelona and Catalonia. The Mahzor was donated to the National Library by Mr Ludwig Jesselson in 1986.

Click above to watch the incredible story of the Catalan Mahzor that survived the edict of expulsion from Spain, was smuggled out of Nazi Germany to the United States, and eventually found its way to the National Library in Jerusalem.

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A strictly limited edition of only 25 copies of which no more than 22 copies will be offered for sale, printed either on specially-milled parchment paper or the finest sheepskin

Illuminated pages have been hand-gilt using 23 carat gold leaf.
Watch the short video showing how real gold is applied to the facsimile.

Hand-bound and gold-tooled in fine leather,
binding the facsimile takes many hours of painstaking work.
Watch the short video showing how the facsimile is bound.

The first copy was published in July 2016.

ISBN 978-0-948223-35-8 (Sheepskin Parchment)
ISBN 978-0-948223-36-5 (Parchment Paper


The 736 page commentary volume accompanying the facsimile has already been written and includes 150 illustrations. In
Illuminating in Micrography, Dalia-Ruth Halperin analyses the Catalan Mahzor in extensive detail revealing the close association between the micrographic full-page panel images and the texts used to create them.

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Click the image to reveal the rich detail of the commentary

The Catalan Mahzor facsimile edition is strictly limited to 25 numbered copies and presented with Dalia-Ruth Halperin's 736 page Illuminating in Micrography (click to download table of contents).


Printed on specially-milled neutral pH parchment paper at £6,600.00 each

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No more than 22 copies will be offered for sale.